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State of the Diary Address

Speaker of the Diary: Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my pleasure to introduce the President of the United Entries of Joey's Diary.(wild applause)

Joey: Thank you all for being here tonight. I am here today to address you on the state of my diary. We've been through some ups and downs in our history thus far, but we've overcome many obstacles. For this reason I am here to tell you that the State of my Diary is strong!

wild applause

Things were very different when I started this diary in the late summer months of 2001. I had only been out of the Navy for a few months, I still hadn't really learned how to readjust to civilian life. Over the course of this diary, I've seen my share of change. Not only in the love life, but mundane routines as well. Through the course of this diary, I've lived in Dallas, Italy, Waxahachie, Duncanville, Richardson, and for a little while, the back of a pickup truck. I have to say that I'm better now that ever.

wild applause

Back on subject, This diary has tackled all variety of subjects, ranging from the serious social issues, to the wildly hilarious. (at least to me) I've seen many diaries come and go in my time here. As for this diary, we ain't goin' nowhere.

wild applause

As we approach our 500th entry, i promise to leave no subject behind. that is, unless i refuse to fund it correctly. (sorry, i had to slip one in there) Thank you for being here today, and may God Bless the United Entries of Joey's Diary.

wild applause

:end transmission:

09:54 - 04.02.04


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