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After getting “back out there” for the first time in forever(thanks Kristen Bell🙄) and getting ghosted, I decided to give up on the apps. I want something to happen organically, not based on an algorithm. I suppose a good place to start would be to list exactly what it is that I want in a partner, to the extent that I can succinctly explain. So here goes:

Big Stuff

1. I need a partner who is understanding of the juxtaposed nature of how my cultural upbringing is intertwined with my pretty radical political and social ideology.

2. I need a partner who isn’t embarrassed of me.

3. I need a partner who likes nature and being surrounded by it.

4. I need a partner who can challenge me intellectually, but who can make me belly laugh until I’m out of breath.

5. I need a partner who understands that sometimes I am socially awkward.

6. I need a partner who won’t complain about how many protests/events I go to because they’ll be there too.

7. I need a partner who will tell me the truth, even if it is difficult.

8. I want a partner who is ok with Druidry, or willing to learn about it.

That’s the big picture stuff. More details to come later.

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