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jury duty

and so, i have been selected for jury duty. this is the first time i've ever ben called for jury duty. tomorrow, at 8 am, i am required by the state of texas to appear at the big courthouse on commerce for what will apparently be a full 8 hours of fun. i haven't decided what i will do to get myself excused from this, but there were no less than 68 web pages giving hilarious suggestions. after all of that fun, i will be attending a meeting for Kerry campaign volunteers. should make for an interesting day. having never been called for jury duty, i'm looking forward to making a complete ass out of myself when they ask me questions. i know if it's any type of sexual crime i'll be dismissed. (per my childhood) if it's any type of murder trial, i can't miss that much work so i'll just tell the prosecuter that i won't vote for the death penalty. (i'm actually in support of the death penalty in some cases.

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13:25 - 04.06.04


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