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i've been everywhere

Someone at work asked me if there was anywhere that I had not worked, so in response, here's a list of the places I have worked since I was 14. I've made the list as complete as I can remember. The list should be in chronological order starting with my first job.

Janitor at Trinity Christian School

After School Care Worker

Overnight stocker at Wal Mart in Richardson

Clerk at Destination Dallas in the Galleria

Clerk at Texaco in Midlothian

Clerk at Texaco in Cedar Hill

Cook at Braum's in Waxahachie

Plummer's assistant in midlothian

Receiving Clerk at the VA hospital

US Navy

Cook at VA

Overnight Stocker at Wal Mart in Waxahachie

Insider at Domino's in Waxahachie

Driver at Domino's in Midlothian

Driver at yet another domino's in duncanville

manager at a domino's in midland, michigan

manager at papa johns in duncanville

parts driver at A & B Supply in dallas.

manager at domino's in cedar hill

driver at mr jim's pizza in cedar hill

retail employee at the va.

vending clerk at the va.

Just call me Johnny Cash, cause I've been everywhere.

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17:32 - 01.15.06


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