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as i stated in my last entry, i'll be posting a few of my favorite past entries this week. as i was searching my old entries, i laughed as i remembered stuff i had forgotten. this entry id from a year and a half ago, and chronicles a night out on the town with possibly the most annoyinh woman ever.

boss hogg and the general lee

04.14.02 @ 14:25

let's see, i went out with a few friends to have a nice day cafe. there's nothing more annoying than being stuck at a club with a crowd that's 28-30, listening to crappy music, while being eyeballed by a large women who resembles boss hogg from the dukes of hazzard. plus, if you don't drink, there's not much to do, due to the fact that i don't dance either. then i had to pee. not one of those, it can wait pees, it was one of those, i gotta go now pees. yet nowhere in sight was there a bathroom. sound like fun? all this can be yours if you go to have a nice day cafe. boss hogg is waiting for you. alright, time for today's top five:

Top Five Most Annoying things about Women:

1. conceited women who don't have any reason to be conceited.

2. women who are loud and obnoxious in public

3. large women who force they're massive thighs into short skirts.

4. women who try to get stuff free.

5. women who try to diss on you, yet they get pissed after you rip them to shreds using big words they don't understand.

:end transmission:

13:26 - 10.13.03


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