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Don’t close the door for at least 24 hours

Dear diaryland,

We’ve got to stop meeting like this. It’s well after midnight, I’m in the pit of depair(a little Princess Bride nod), and wishing for a Time Machine to either go back and fix things, or go ahead to this working out.

Of course, I know life doesn’t work like that. There’s a voice inside me somewhere that just keeps saying “don’t close that door.” I know I have to let her go for now, both for my own sanity, as well as the fact that I know she needs to explore this path to find out if it leads to her happiness. I love her too much to stand in her way.

Still not sure I’ll survive this. Hurts to even say that, but I’m still very much in a take it 24 hrs at a time place right now. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

:end transmission:

00:42 - 09.17.23


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