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Lunch in Gilead

I thought I should try to post a bit more when the sun is out. Well, the sun isn’t always out in the daytime. You get my point. I’m currently on the train to DC. I go into my office twice a week(in theory). My office is in the AFL-CIO headquarters, which has the distinction of not only having an address on Black Lives Matter Plaza, but also happens to be next door to the infamous cheeto upside down Bible photo op fiasco.

As cool as it is to be able to eat my lunch in Lafayette Park next to the White House, the novelty fades after a time and I have noticed that the ebb and flow of tourists looks very repetitive from day to day. Families from the suburbs, school groups(always school group), foreign tourists, and the barriers and armed guards to remind us of the police state in which we reside.

Enjoy your lunch my diaryland comrades!

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09:57 - 04.18.23


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