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Long and Winding Road to god Knows Where

Here I am again late at night visiting this digital safe space of sorts.

Since I started chronicling my thoughts here a mere 24 years ago, this space has been pretty much the only constant thing in my life, save my dear friendship with the only other person I know who has kept their space here alive this long.

This diary has seen five presidents, two marriages, one and a half divorces, three kids, five colleges, three religious journeys, too many job changes, seven state relocations, and a partridge in a fucking pear tree.

It has seen me change immensely as a person. I’m not proud of some of the stuff in my very early entries, but I’ve left them here purposely to remind me that there is always room for growth, and we are never bound to the person we are today. If I had stayed in Texas instead of transferring to DC, I can’t imagine how different my life would have turned out.

Some good, some bad, but that’s the integral part of our journey. I’m still not sure where this long and winding road will end, but I’m still here with my thumb out, looking for the next trip to god knows where. I guess I’ll know when I get there.

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23:53 - 03.24.23


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