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Telehealth, CVS, and Staying Alive

I'm finally back on all my meds. At this point, I don't have to explain how fucked our health system is, but I just went two months without ADHD medicine because of a combination of supply chain issues, CVS not filling prescriptions if you use telehealth, and canceled doctor's appointments. Getting medicine should really not be this hard.

I have survived the latest bout with deep depression. I sometimes wonder if there's a such thing as passive suicide attempts, like purposely stopping all medicine. Not just antidepressants, but everything. For me this is heart meds, diabetes, as well as 3 mental health meds. Not surprisingly, it didn't go well.

I'm glad to be back in a decent headspace. My world is still going to shit, but at least I don't want to die, and that's something.

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13:20 - 03.10.23


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