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out of gas, swift bullshitters

i went to hillsboro yesterday to eat lunch with my sisters Merideth and Tressey. I noticed after passing the exit for Italy, Texas, that my gas light was on. i knew i had enough gas to get to Carl's Corner, which is the only exit in between italy and Hillsboro, and the only gas station. I pulled in to Carl's Corner with abou 2 miles to spare. I went inside to the most redneck country store you could ever imagine, where i was informed that they were out of gas. seeing as how hillsboro was 6 miles away and i had 2 miles left, i was up a creek. as i'm sitting by my car cursing profusely, this redneck walks up to me and says, "i have 2 gallons of gas in a gas can. buy me a 12 pack of budweiser and it's yours." so, for a case of beer, i purchased my freedom. i went to the young democrats meeting last night, which went well i must say. i won't address the ridiculous bullshit tv ads put out by the Republican Party via swift boat captains for bullshit. if you'd like to read my opinion on that, and spinsanity.org's non-partisan hard look a it, i have it posted on my political site here.

i will say that this is one of the lowest things i've ever seen in a political race. anyone who doesn't believe the bush campaign is behind this is very naive.

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14:25 - 08.11.04


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