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happy birthday meri; hello NYC

First things first, i want to send a big

Happy Birthday!

to my sister Merideth who is celebrating her independence from the teenage years. it seems like yesterday i was turning 20. alright, enough nostalgia...

adelle and i finished summer II classes today! we now have a much needed 2 week break until fall classes start. yesterday, we booked our trip to New York City for March 12-19. I got a pretty good deal from the people at expedia.com that includes round trip non-stop flights (non-stop is important, who wants a 2 hour layover in Indianapolis?) 7 nights at the Hotel Newton on the Upper West Side about 2 blocks from central park. it also includes one of those hop on/hop off double decker bus tours that takes us to the statue of liberty, empire state building, greenwich village, UN building. it also came with a 90 minute cruise around manhattan island. all this including cancellation waivers in case we have to cancel for an even $1600. not bad for 2 people. i got a good price because i spent about 2 weeks researching hotels, talking to people who have actually stayed there, and comparing prices on airfare and such. if anyone needs help planning a vacation, let me know, and i'll see if i can help.

the poison ivy is clearing up on my face, but my arms and legs still itch like crazy. i just keep pouring on the alcohol and maybe someday it will go away.

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