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what the hell, i've been trying to update for 3 days, and i just now get through...

i made a huge mistake on saturday...i went to the Parks Mall in Arlington. has anyone else been there recently? what the hell happened to the beloved place i used to know? it's like pleasant grove on the weekends now. I stood in amazement as old white people freaked out like they did when oak cliff turned on them. i wondered for a good while what caused this change in ethnicity. i wondered until i went outside to the parking lot, and for the 3rd week in a row, i saw the same thing again. What i saw were 3 charter buses from Paul Quinn College. When I asked someone what the hell was going on, they explained to me that what has happened is that they are having the ghetto children meet at paul quinn college (P.Q.C. is in the middle of the ghetto for those who don't know) and they are bussing these ghetto hoodlums to the parks mall because...how do i put this nicely...you can't get there via public transportation. freakin' A, it's turned into 1964, and we're desegregating malls like schools. i'm all in favor of diversity, but i'm sorry, if you can't get to the mall by foot or public transportation, you should go somewhere nearby. i bet the shopowners gotta love this development. i talked to a security guard who happened to be black that told me theft has skyrocketed in the last few months since this has been going on. unfortunately, there's nothing they can do to stop this from happening. I feel like getting a bunch of rich white kids from NorthPark and setting them loose on Redbird Mall and Big T's Bazaar. One thing is for sure...I will never, ever step foot in that mall on a saturday again.

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14:50 - 06.28.04


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