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joey's advice 2004

wow, diaryland decided to be so kind as to let me update after clicking the reload button only a few thousand times.

i know this is a few weeks late for graduation, but we had some problems with the internet getting hooked up. As i did last year, i'm going to give all those recent graduates some advice for living. without further procrastination, here is joey's 2004 advice for seniors...

don't waste time with those paper toilet seat covers, it's a complete waste of time. (thanx abe)

never eat mexican on a first date

never attempt to assemble a treadmill without 2 people, 2 wrenches, and make sure one of the people is a freakin engineer

tip your pizza guy (or girl) if you think you spend a lot on gasoline, think of us

keep a can of lysol rather than a candle in the bathroom. you may blow yourself up if you disobeyed the mexican food rule

register to vote

don't listen to radio talk show hosts. they are idiots who distort the truth. do your own research

be nice to old people...except the 90 year olds going 35 on the interstate...shoot them the bird

scare little kids on halloween so bad they pee their pants...it's good for them

if you go to a mexican restaurant and just eat chips and salsa, tip the waiter a few bucks

finally, never take anybody's word for anything. find out for yourself.

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