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D-Bunking the Republican Party

i really need to mow the front lawn, but it will have to wait until thursday. i finally washed the inside of my windshield...then promptly sneezed on it. i finished to more political commentary books this weekend. i've been reading books written on both sides of the political fence so i can test issues and policies from both angles. from the books i've read that were written by men who managed every republican campaign in the last 20 years, i've learned that the smartest thing the republican party ever did was to trick Christians into believing that they must be republicans. i believe this is because of the abortion issue. what most Christians fail to realize is that the majority of democrats are Christians. most are against abortion, they just know that according to our constitution, you can't legislate morality. that's my political statement for today. just remember, George Bush Jr. is the 1st president to have a *criminal record.

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*he was arrested for drunk driving in the state of Maine

16:32 - 03.16.04


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