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sorry for the lack of updates, been a little busy. since i've been notified that not everyone cares about politics, this entry will not contain any political debate. adelle and i went to alexandria, louisiana this past weekend for a sort of family gathering. we stayed in this motel 6 that was supposed to be brand new and a 3 star. after checking out, we were notified by people who ive in the area that several people have died in that motel, and that it's a hotbed for drugs and prostitution. next time we'll go for the holiday inn. i got to see the red river. (it's a lot wider in alexandria) the family gathering was held at the Hotel Bentley. the hotel is gorgeous. it was built in the early 1800's. during the civil war, the confederate generals and government leaders often convened there. the employees all say the place is haunted, and i must say it was a bit spooky on certain floors when i walked around by myself. the only disappointments were that i didn't get to eat a good cajun meal, and i didn't get to explore a swamp.

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