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Emotional Support Freight Trains

It’s been two weeks since I moved into my own apartment. I was told it would help me move on and bring me peace. Pretty sure that was bullshit.

I have just lost my motivation to do pretty much anything and thankfully my ESA Husky named Rosie is curled up next to me.

Jess keeps saying she wants a legal divorce, but I think she expects me to pay for it. It’s not my job to do the legwork for something I don’t even want. That asshole has been staying over at her house and is already trying to call the shots. This is going to be a problem. He has actually convinced Jess that she should be scared of me. I just don’t understand how someone can exert that much influence over a very intelligent person without them seeing it.

Sometimes the light at the end of the tunnel is a fucking freight train. Just fucking hit me already.

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