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No Cancer, James Dobson, and the End of Purgatory

No cancer for me. That is a nice change from the consistent kick to the testicular region the universe seems to have been giving me for at least the last year. My MRIs found a cluster of tumors/cysts on my liver, but they appear to be benign, and my pancreas doesn't have cancer, so that is a huge relief. I do have chronic pancreatitis, so that's a nuisance, but given the alternatives I was looking at, I'll fucking take it.

I also received a job offer on Friday. I'll be the local union rep for the public sector workers in my county. It pays more, and has better pension, so I'll take it. I think I'm also going to finally contact either a mediator or attorney to work on moving forward with my life, but in a peaceful way to figure out something that works for the kids, Jess, and myself.

Basically, I'm gonna find a bad ass condo either in DC or in my county near the water. Purgatory has been...well, purgatory, but I think I've had quite enough thank you.

I'm also going to film my first edition of a YouTube series entitled "Church Stories" this week. My first story is going to be the story of my experience with sex education that happened in a group setting at church camp when I was eleven. It involves inappropriate attempts at humor, James Dobson, and lasting trauma about puberty. Should be a fun start.

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