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The Tapeworms of North Korea

I can’t sleep.

I loaded myself up with about 25mg of cannabis gummies, so hopefully that will take the edge off this persistent abdominal discomfort that is the bane of my existence.

It’s gotten harder to find a comfortable position where I can sleep. It hurts when I eat, it hurts if I don’t eat. I don’t have nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea, but I feel like every 30 seconds someone is stabbing me directly in the pancreas.

I told Jess that if this turns out to be what it feels like it is, I don’t want her to feel obligated to stick around and take care of me. I know this is just the latest thing I’ve done to piss her off, and I’d rather deal with this alone than with someone who is essentially there because of what they think it would look like if they weren’t there.

Let’s all hope for a North Korean tapeworm!

:end transmission:

01:37 - 07.22.23


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