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Thirty Irons of Narcissism

It’s eleven after one in the morning. I’m waiting for my 20mg of gummies to kick in so I can actually sleep. I try to stick to gummies as much as possible because after smoking cigarettes for as long as I did I feel like my lungs have been through quite enough.

I am now an advisor on another local campaign. I know I have a problem with always having thirty irons in the fire, but I feel obliged to offer my assistance whenever it is needed. Something that was instilled into me at a young age was that if you are looking at a problem that needs solving and you don’t see anyone who can do it better, you should help solve it.

Problem with this approach is that it breeds narcissism. I suppose that’s better than apathy, but it does create the right conditions for burnout. I guess I’ll know when I get there.

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01:11 - 07.13.23


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