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311 and a pathetic old hag

i went and saw 311 and hoobastank wednesday night. it was nate's 1st ever big concert, so he was all tripping out about the massive amounts of people, as well as the mysterious smoke cloud that hovered over the pit. it was a great show however, 311 never disappoints me. nate's mom has been trying to do everything to keep nate from moving, but unfortunately she will just screw herself over in the end. nate will end up getting to the point where he will just flip her the bird and never speak to her again. i guess if she wants it that way, then whatever. i have no respect for that lady at all anymore. i haven't in years. she's a pathetic, bitter old hag, but she made it that way for herself. unfortunately, i need to go take a shower, then cruise the streets and go to work.

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11:01 - 09.06.02


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