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thunderstruck...well, almost anyway

good lord, adelle's on a shopping spree! see, we finally found a loft to move in to at the end of may. Adelle's never had her own place before, so she's going a little bit crazy with the buying stuff. it's ok i suppose, it only happens once, but i don't know if we'll have room for it all.

let's see, what kind of news do i have since i haven't updated in a week? not that much really, except i almost got struck by lightening last friday, and i'm sort of on a diet. nothing major, just trying to drop 15 pounds and get in the same shape i was in after i left the navy...or the navy left me if you please.

oh yeah, i finally got my kerry for president bumper sticker, so it is now gracing my rear windshield.

:end transmission:

16:41 - 05.04.04


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