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Starring down the barrel

Well, I'm back from our trip in NYC. It was pretty cool, despite the fact that I got robbed at gunpoint the night before we left for the trip. I know you probably skipped right over that last sentence, so for those of you who weren't paying attention...

I got robbed at gunpoint!

I was taking my last delivery of the night to 313 Birchwood Ln near Weaver and Joe Wilson in Cedar Hill. I went to the front door, knocked and got no answer. I decide to go back to my car. As I'm walking back to my car when three young black males intercept me and one of them puts a gun in my face and says in a cheerful voice, "Give me your Fucking Money!"
(ok, it wasn't really a cheerful voice) I gave them the 27 bucks I had on me and hoped they wouldn't blow my head off. They took off, and I started to chase them in my car while calling 9-1-1, until the dispatcher pointed out that chasing my armed assailants was not a good idea. Despite having a gun 2 inches from my face, I gave the cops a good description of all three of the teenagers. When the cop asked me if I got a good look at the gun, I smirked and said, "Yep, I saw it."

So, that aside, New York was great. Ryan would probably never want to leave Manhattan if he spent some time there, and I couldn't blame him. I can tell now where a certain affection for the city comes from.

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23:55 - 03.25.05


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