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what the hell kind of bar is this?

i justlooked at my profile and realized that this is entry number 498. If anyone has any ideas for my 500th entry, let me know. we were going to look at places in dallas to move, but we slept in instead. so we'll go look tomorrow after school. we were invited to a "bar" last night with dell's friends in addison. After we drive 40 miles to this bar, we get inside and it is nothing but a packed out club. As you all know, i really hate clubs. On top of it being smoky as hell in there, there was an unusual collection of U.D.C. in there. You guessed it, "Ugly Drunk Chicks." The ugly white chicks were very drunk, which made for some fun in watching them try to dance, but after i drank my Miller Lite as fast as possible, we left that joint. Net time, call ahead and find out what kind of club it is before you drive to Addison.

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12:54 - 09.06.04


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