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hellooooo vacation

the trip to bonham was great. adelle and i got some much needed R&R at the B&B. we did some antique shopping, took in the sam rayburn museum, and had a nice carriage ride. fall semester starts monday for us, so it was good to get away for a couple days.

i made some kick ass red beans and rice for lunch today. i could eat cajun food every meal and never get tired of it. i think i'm going to try to learn how to make more cajun dishes.

for the first time in 16 years, i have health insurance. adelle and i signed up for a great plan that is much cheaper than most plans, and gives us more coverage too.

:end transmission:

p.s. - to my friend in Colorado...i won't think less of you if you move back. there are people here who miss you.

14:50 - 08.20.04


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