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today was perhaps the worst day ever in my human existence. after i typed my entry earlier today, i took the dog to the nature center for a 45 minute hike. upon my return to the house, i noticed the back door was open, as well as the cupboard doors and refrigerator. i mmediately put the dog in the car, and called 911 on my cellphone. after the police arrived and searched the house, i went inside to survey the damages. the house was completely ransacked. i mean, the drsser drawers were emptied everywhere. the mattresses were overturned. they didn't take the computer. they didn't take the tv's or stereo, and they missed the ring money i had hidden. they did however, take the only possession i've ever had with any value. THEY TOOK MY FUCKING GUITAR. They took Gertrude. my companion in good times and bad, ever since i saved up for 4 months in 1999 to buy her. the only way i can express my loss is to compare it to the loss of a blood relative. this may sound childish to some of you, but that guitar was the only thing that had stuck by me when i was homeless, penniless, suicidal, and depressed. i always had the security of going to my guitar and writing a song describing just how i felt. not anymore, i feel lost, like my entire existence has been erased. everything i've written in the last 5 years has been on that guitar. they took more than my instrument, they took my reason for breathing.

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02:25 - 01.09.04


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