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welcome to Richland

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Man, I haven't updated in some days due to school starting again, and the hectic schedule that goes along with it. Some of the highlights of the new semester at Richland are as follows:

My geology teacher has a weird lisp that makes him whistle when he talks.

My government teacher is a partisan hack who decided to write his own textbook, and has decided we will spend the entire semester debating the BS subject of the seperation of church and state. I've decided I will never again take a class from anyone who went to U.D.

Parking is a little bit better than Cedar Valley, and richland is way less ghetto.

We were forced to listen to 7 different versions of the songA Whiter Shade of Pale.

Hopefully, the money will be good at work tonight. Last weekend was horrendous.

Today's U2 song is: The Unforgettable Fire from the Unforgettable Fire Album. I recommend listening to it at night as you pass downtown Dallas.

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18:33 - 01.22.05


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