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retrospective marriage and such

Here I sit listening to Ben Folds.

I like Ben Folds for many reasons. The Songs for Silverman album helped me make sense of my life at a time when my marriage was crumbling and I felt inadequate in my attempts to fix everything.

I think that album helped me realize that I couldn't fix something that was probably broke before we even started. I don't place blame more on either one of us. We were both responsible in our different ways for driving each other crazy.

That being said, I believe that our relationship would have destroyed itself eventually without our help. It was one of those things where we were just much better as friends and ended up hating each other romantically. I'm just glad we figured this out before we had kids and everything.

I didn't want to throw this out to the internets, but there I go.

So yeah, things are finally normal.

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18:47 - 04.13.08


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