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my mom flew in from nashville last night. it was good to see her as i hadn't in about a year. i swear she's getting shorter. tonight, adelle's going to a housewarming party, and i'm going to hang out with john r. if i can get ahold of him.

in an unrelated story, i got totally screwed over at work. it seems my boss decided to implement a new policy at work without telling anyone. sometimes, me and my cousin (he also works there) are so busy in the warehouse that we don't take lunch, and just work straight through. well, my jerk of a boss decided to implement a mandatory lunch period every day. so basically, my cousin and i worked for free every day for a half hour b/c he deducted mandatory lunch from our paycheck. basically, we worked 10 hours for free. to me, it's no different from him coming to my house and stealing money out of my wallet. i'm still pised off about this. the lesson is, never trust your employer. ever.

08:04 - 05.10.03


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