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i gotta say, seeing The Muppets Take Manhatten on the big screen fulfilled a lifelong dream of mine. i used to collect the movies, but had never gotten to see one on the big screen. special thanks to adelle for allowing me to talk her into going to the midnight showing at the inwood theatre. i know that isn't her cup of tea, but she pretended to enjoy it for my sake.

as you may remember, i declared war on the rodent population in the attic because they like to come and visit, and i don't want them too. my dog pupper, has been keeping watch at night. i've seen her at night sitting in the kitchen watching where they run out, just waiting to pounce. last night, adelle and i stepped out for a few moments to go to walmart. when we returned, the proudest dog i've ever seen is sitting in the hall, beaming with pride. in front of her, is one of the biggest full grown dead mice i've ever seen. she finally caught her one, and it was one of the big ones. i then proceeded to dispose of the rodent, and congratulated pupper for a job well done. i love that dog.

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12:40 - 01.27.04


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