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yesterday was our one year anniversary. has it really been a year? it went by so fast. i suppose that is a good sign because as you know, time flies when you're having fun. if it seemed like it had been an eternity, that would be bad.

i got glasses yesterday, and we re-permed my hair. i'm officially a 70's icon. i've got to decide what to do tonight for our anniversary. i had to work yesterday, so we're going out tonight. i think i'll book dinner at this Greek restaurant uptown. after that, i don't know.

on another note, i've decided what i want to do in life. sadly enough, i want to go into politics. I'm just tired of rich politicians who don't give 2 cents about the people they represent. there are so many things that won't change because no one has the juevos to do it. i just think people would be better off if they had someone to represent them that didn't care about what other people said about him as long as he did what was good for the people he worked for. ok, i'm done now.

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