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mom's not wearing any pants

i'll let everyone in on a little secret. people who don't tip when they receive good service are going to hell. in hell, there will be a special place of extra punishment for those who give me a weather report right before they stiff me.

last night, i realized the biggest reason why you should never let your kids answer the door for any kind of delivery. i delivered to this nice house in kingswood, and a 1 year old, a 4 year old, and a 6 year old answer the door. i know this b/c they told me how old they were. the 6 year old said, my mother will be here i a minute. i gave them the pizza and the credit card slip to take to their mother. about 30 seconds later, the 4 year old boy dressed in a suit comes back out and tells me, "my mother can't come to the door right now because she's not wearing any pants." he then tells me he's dressed up because they are jehovah's witnesses. i did however get a 5 dollar tip.

p.s. - if you ever order delivery to a church, don't try to evangelize to the driver. they hear it at every church they deliver to, and it just comes off a bit pretentious. this is the main reason 99 percent of the pizza industry doesn't go to church. that and the fact that 2-3% of church's tip driver's or waiters. just a fact.

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10:37 - 02.14.04


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