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no more cedar valley

woohoo! Finals are over!!!

Adelle and I took our HIST1302 final today which means this semester is over! No more Cedar Valley, it's off to Richland. After spring semester, Dell will be done with her associates. She'll have the fun task of commuting to denton for a couple semesters until i'm done with my associates. I'm proud to say my GPA will remain above 3.5, and if the honors credit gives a higher GPA, I may be back up to 3.75 or more. We started selling hair care products for cheap, so if you use TIGI, Matrix, Biolage, American Crew, or anything else sold in a salon, contact me and I can get it at a way cheaper price. I ship nationwide too.

what a shamless plug that was.

:end transmission:

23:08 - 12.09.04


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