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In honor of Ryan's last entry, here's my own list of maybe's:

Maybe one day Ryan and I will hitchhike and amtrak our way across the nation and write a book about our experiences, a la On The Road. That's been a dream of mine for the last few years. If I could get a few sponsors to cover our food and motel 6/camping area costs, I will try to talk Ryan into going with me in a couple years as soon as I go into college.

Maybe one day the world will know my name not just because I co-wrote a really awesome book about life on the road, but because I wrote some cool tunes too.

Maybe one day people will quit looking down on others b/c of their social status.

Maybe I will one day return to my afro.

Maybe one day I will finally learn to speak Polish fluently.

Maybe one day I will make awesome documentaries about life in the poorest parts of the country that are ignored in large part by anyone who doesn't live there.

And finally, one day I might stop living my life vicariously...online.

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18:16 - 12.26.05


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