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nickelback, celine and mariah

i realized something that pisses me off last night. 103.7 FM. that's right, KVIL is the absolute worst radio station of all time. they should rename it from "Adult Contemporary" to "Music to Kill Oneself By." my GM absolutely loves that horrid station. it's been nothing but mariah, Celine, and Manilow for 3 freakin weeks. how can anyone work in that sort of environment?

now that i'm in a ranting about things i don't care for mood, i also can't stand the bands Nickelback and Default. it's not a slight on canadian bands, those 2 bands just happen to utterly suck. the only thing that sucks worse is the fact that every clear channel station plays them 15 times an hour. i swear it's like every other song. i'm going to blow up my radio.

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12:25 - 01.08.04


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