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This week has been a welcome break from school, although I still have work to keep me busy. I started to play a round of disc golf after work to relieve stress and to help me relax after work. So far, it's been working pretty well.

I ruled my mid-terms, with a 97 in ENG1302 and a 95 in MATH097. Now I get to start working on my research paper about Mark Twain.

On a slightly political note, I'm growing tiresome of all these johnny-come-lately people bashing the president. I cannot stand people who jump on the bandwagon. I mean, everyone I know disagreed with me about my opposition to the invasion of Iraq, which I opposed because it wasn't an imminent threat to our national security, and I thought it would leave us and our military in a tight spot if a real threat, such as, lets say Iran popped up. At the time, I didn't think I was going to nail it that head on, as my money would have been on North Korea if I had to guess.

But now I overhear people who have no clue about half the stuff their saying, expect for the fact that Bush is an idiot, which I don't agree with. I think he is inept at leading our government, and that his policies have been disastrous, but I don't think the guy is an idiot. The guy does have an MBA after all. I just think we'd be a lot better off if he had never been elected.

Anyway, to get back to my point, if you don't know what you're talkin about, and can't explain it using actual facts, just keep your mouth shut. This goes for people on both sides of the political spectrum. Conservatives are not all snake handling queer haters, and Liberals are not Jesus hating debaucherers.

Love one another.

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