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joey was wrong

alright, alright...

I suppose I should start off by clarifying my last entry. I wasn't trying to draw a connectio between the situation with the youth ministry and the nepotism of the pastor. The family members who have been hired on staff are qualified at their respective positions, it's just that there's so many of them. My good buddy John set me straight. I know that change is necessary, but they could have conducted the events with a little more precision.

Ahh, yes... One more thing. Because I try to make it a practice to admit it when I'm wrong, I must admit that John was also right about my religion teacher. At the beginning of the semester, I stated my feeling that she would be biased due to her DBU connection.
I was wrong.

John, in the words of AC/DC, I salute you.

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14:28 - 11.22.04


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