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job searching sucks

the job search continues...

i think i'm going to rive at mr. jim's in cedar hill, and maybe go back to work for the department of veterans affairs. at least there i get paid vacations and paid holidays, unlike everywhere else. this way i can take some night classes at cedar valley, and adelle will be happier because i'll be out of the pizza business, and can spend more evenings with her instead of the pizza store. i went and deposited what i thought was 25 bucks in change. turns out, it was more like 50 bucks. i'll take the latter any day. i need to get down to the italy/hillsboro area to record some stuff with steven, and to see my sister i finally took down my christmas lights yesterday. i was in a race with the guy 3 houses down to see who would last the longest. i think he's leaving his up all year. not a bad idea...

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23:41 - 01.20.04


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