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hot fun in the summertime?

i think i bombed my speech test today, but it'll be ok. i'm doing my speech tomorrow on urban legends. i'll explain everything from pop rocks and soda to Tommy Hilfiger supposedly being a racist. i found a really cool site that D-Bunks some of the most widely spread urban legends. you can visit them at TruthorFiction.com

my brakes are making that horrible sound that tells me i need new brake rotors. i already ordered them and they should be here tomorrow so Robert can install them.

and now, a little something i haven't done in a while...

Top Five Things That Suck About Summer in Texas

1. the obvious triple digit heat outside

2. burning your feet on the hot pavement

3. the ability to acquire skin cancer within 5 minutes of standing in direct sunlight

4. the fact that you know people in michigan are enjoying the 72 degree sunny day

5. using more gasoline because of having to air condition a car that maintains temperatures close to 400 degrees.

:end transmission:

14:23 - 07.19.04


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