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finally getting an education

well, i tried to update yesterday, but the lovely DSL wouldn't let me. apparently, the computer decided it likes me again, so here i am.

i spent yesterday at work getting crushed by a stack of 120lb solid oak doors, and having my leg nearly taken off by a cast iron post. i survived it all, however, just to go back to work today.

adelle and i have been doing a lot better. we've been working a lot on our conflict resolution, so our arguments have been a lot shorter.

we decided that i will go to college as soon as adelle finishes in approximately 3 yrs. as soon as i aquire a vehicle, i'm going to aquire a second job. i want adelle to be able to concentrate on her studies. plus, i don't like only seeing her after 10 pm at night when she's dog tired. i think i'm going to either go into music production, i.e. - acoustic engineering, or music education. either way, i'll be happy.

now that my fingers are tired, i will start that email back to ryan.

:end transmission:

18:08 - 05.14.03


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