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Fahrenheit 911

i went and saw Fahrenheit 911 last night. I don't think I've ever seen a more diverse group of people at the same movie in my life. There were old white people, young white people, old mexicans, young hispanics, young black people, old black people, young indians old indians, and a group of lebanese people. I know now why the conservative pundits are trying so hard to get people to not see this movie...it lays out a very good case against Bush. It's not a pack of lies like Limbaugh spouted off. Mike Gallagher just sounds more like a retard now that I've seen the film. Michael Moore is not deceptive about his political views, This movie is his opinion, and it uses a lot of cold hard facts (i.e. - government documents) to make his case. Opposite of what the pundits claim, he doesn't try to smear the soldiers, he simply displays all sides of the military. I'm sorry, but there are some retards in the military, like it or not. He displays a lot more positive about the soldiers than negative. I recommend that everyone from all political viewpoints see the movie. Aside from your political views, it is a great movie.

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17:31 - 07.04.04


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