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*cheapskate awards*

well well well...seems someone in the company has quite the mouth. of course, they weren't smart enough to cover their tracks, so i know who they are, and am dealing with them accordingly.

on another note, i have a trinity cheapskate bulletin. little news flash...if you're cheap and don't tip, make sure you don't let me find out about it, especially if it's involving not tipping the pizza guy. someone from trinity ordered pizza last night. i sent out my best driver Javier, because he gives excellent service, and is polite and quick. guess who wrote him a check for exact change...


Robert, don't be a cheap ass. i know you know better than that. when i see you next, we will have an etiquette class. that's just in poor taste. i've said my piece, and so i'll move on.

today i get to pick up a monitor on my way to work. oh yeah, anyone who has a truck and wants to be my new best friend, i need your asistance. i need to put the oven from my store in the back, take it to a car wash, and haul it back. it needs to be an older truck in case i get minor scratches in the bed.

:end transmission:

14:17 - 01.14.04


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