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i miss the barbeque

no offense to anyone who lives in the Highlands neighborhood in Cedar Hill, but your neighborhood is by far the cheapest friggin' neighborhood i've ever delivered to. speaking of which, i'm desperately trying to get out of the pizza business. if anyone knows of a job i can work about 25-30 hours a week and make 8-10 an hour, please let me know. i just don't want to run my car into the ground. i am available to work any time other than when i am in school, which is monday-thursday before 1 pm. i'm pretty much open to anything. moving on...

you know what i really miss? some good old fashioned texas barbeque. You know how you can tell the difference between texas barbeque and fake barbeque from the north? they don't spell it correctly, they use a c instead of a q. i could sure go for some brisket, baked beans, bread, and ribs. i'm getting hungry just typing this. why can't dell like barbeque too :(

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16:13 - 07.24.04


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