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The Art of Carrying a Shank

Thanks to my experience on the train yesterday, I am now packing a shank during my morning and afternoon commute on the Light Rail. I was just getting off the train at CityPlace Station at 2pm. I got to leave work early due to some pre-planned power outages. I had my mp3 player with me, which is what they were eyeing. It was a group of three black males, approximately 13-14 yrs of age, presumably skipping school. They asked me if my Toshiba Gigabeat was "one of them Ipods." I sensed what they might be up to, so of course I lied and told them it was a piece of crap that I got at Target for 40 bucks. I then proclaimed, there's my ride, and strode off to a nearby store. They had originally planned on cornering me in, but I saw them coming and positioned myself next to the exit. I now carry an unnamed weapon, made from something I found in my ce- I mean room, and sharpened until I was certain it would go straight through someone's head. A honkey can't be too careful these days.

00:43 - 04.19.06


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