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Relegation Is Not Just For Football

Been listening to a lot of Ida lately. I recently discovered them, and they are my entire fucking vibe right now.

I moved into the spare room in our basement over the weekend. I'm now guided by a neon light with the words "lone star" in the shape of Texas up in the small basement window. My husky, Rosie lives down here with me. It seems oddly appropriate, the two of us. Both relegated to the basement together to figure our lives out.

I'm still trying to figure out how life goes on. To be completely transparent, I have been trying to figure that out since the first time I didn't want life to go on. I think I was 6. The way my brain works as a long time labor activist/political hell raiser/leftist is that I'm always playing the long game. That part of my psyche has seemed to switch itself off again, which is a red flag for me. Well, more of a yellow-ish flag. More to figure out on that one.

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11:29 - 01.23.23


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