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Religious Caste Systems and Cancellation Fees

It’s Saturday. I’m laying in bed listening to a northern cardinal belting out his greatest hits. I got into bird watching shortly after turning 40. Sure, it makes me feel a little like the guy on Shawshank Redemption, but I find it relaxing to sit on the porch with a cup of coffee while I listen to the birds converse with each other.

On another note, I’m getting the itch to write a book again. I don’t know if I actually will, I have serious doubts as to the amount of people who would find my story of religious trauma, sexual identity, and the caste system that is intertwined into evangelical America interesting, but I may just write it for my own edification. That may be an act of catharsis by itself.

I stopped going to therapy. Not because I didn’t find it at least nominally useful, but because they charged me a cancellation fee that was less than an hour after the deadline. I know it sounds petty, and on a subconscious level perhaps I used that as an excuse to jump ship, but here I am.

The search for sanity continues.

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08:10 - 04.09.22


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