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Ping Pong Balls and Rapture Theology

Therapy has been a weird, enlightening, odd experience. My therapist also wants me to fill out a "safety plan" which seems to be some sort of CYA if I ever injure or kill myself. I don't think I'm going to fill it out.

This past week we talked a bit about the paranoia I sometimes feel and the rapture theology that ingrained it into my psyche. Special thanks to Trinity and the evangelical version of snipe hunting that terrified us as kids. I had a flashback while going to the shed for firewood. Nothing major like a meltdown, but enough to make me run back inside very quickly.

It's nice outside and I think I'll go get a haircut. And some new ping pong paddles for the table in the basement.

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14:47 - 03.04.22


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