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Door Dash that Big Red

I'm sitting on the couch next to the fireplace watching Jurassic World with AodhĂ n. As far as dinosaur movies go, it's not bad.

I start my new therapy stuff this week. We'll see if this is more effective than my previous attempts. It's a very low bar. I'm admittedly not the best patient. I am smug and irritable, extremely sarcastic and cynical. In short, I am a blast at parties.

The house is quiet, and I already miss my friend even though I know he'll be back in a few months. Settling into the new job and feeling a lot more comfortable. I get to write an op-ed on DoorDash and the HRC, which is a bullshit organization to make rich white straight people feel like they are contributing to the LGBTQ community without actually doing anything.

I need a Big Red.

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21:11 - 01.29.22


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