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Sense of Place and White Migration

I visited Dallas last weekend. I purposely kept it secret, as a lot of my trips back to Dallas seem to be largely spent checking off boxes of folx I have to see. This time I had a short list of people to see: My sister and her family, my best pal and fellow traveler in the dystopian internet journaling world, a couple of long overdue gravesite visits, my good friends Steven and Nichole, and a dear friend named Danielle from eons ago.

This trip felt different. I'm very keen to the philosophy of Sense of Place, and Dallas is somewhere I am connected by geography, history, and emotion. I often set aside time just for driving around places where I've lived. I didn't really get to cruise around Cedar Hill too much this trip, but I did at least get to cruise up Highway 67, so that was a plus.

One thing that really struck visually was what I'm going to call the "dog whistle churches" that littered the freeways in the southern part of dallas and northern ellis counties. Establishments like the "Cowboy Church" and "Church by the Creek" and "The Oaks" are all churches that have popped up in the tremendous explosion of white flight that has been really taking hold the last 15 years. While it isn't surprising, it's very disappointing to see. Especially in the case of The Oaks, where a shit ton of people from my childhood church has migrated as my childhood church does literally the minimum effort to become just a tiny bit more diverse. I want to do a deep dive into this along with my evangelical caste system research.

Now I'm back, apparently I'm sticking with the wellbutrin/citalopram combo for a month, per the new psychologist/med referee.

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20:55 - 11.20.21


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