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Blade Runner and the fucking TGI Friday's

Dinner with the family.

Everyone is in decent spirits - this is a goddamn TGI Friday's after all.

T-minus 29 days until we close on our new home. It's given me at least something to look towards in the immediate future. It makes me happy that Uncle Ryan will chill with us for a while. We're not a TGI Friday's, but we do have good wifi and killer cannabis options lol.

I'm flying into Dallas this weekend. I might go make a final visit to my childhood church. I'm hoping it will provide some closure in that I won't recognize hardly anyone.

What I really like doing is driving around the loop of highways that circle downtown Dallas at night. They are elevated and it makes you feel like you're in Blade Runner or something.

Here's to the future.

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19:52 - 11.09.21


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