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The Kraken and the Machine

I’m sitting on my porch relighting my joint for the umpteenth time. Soft lights are emanating from my small Bluetooth speaker as Pink Floyd gets me to the next stop on my journey.

Things have been tough the last few months. I haven’t been in the best headspace, which the cannabis helps with, but doesn’t eliminate the issue. I’ve apparently built up a bit of a tolerance, which is to be expected, but now it takes almost a gram to get me where half a gram used to. I’m to high to explain the economics of consumption, but you get the point.

I’m supposed to be on vacation this week, but I feel just as stressed as I did before. I think that as a human collective we are skating on a very thin layer of mental health ice, under which the kraken of the November elections resides, waiting to feast upon us once the ice gives way.

Yep, second joint did it. And now Welcome To The Machine just came on.

:end transmission:

23:34 - 08.18.20


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